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Amazon Jungle Ecuador

The Amazon, with its seven million sq km of surface area, has a wide variety of ecosystems and transition areas that combine to make the region the planet's chief storehouse of natural diversity. This region is situated east of the Andean chain and belongs to the catchments area of the Amazon River. It is overgrown with tropical rainforest. However, the different human uses and practices to which these ecosystems have been subject in the last few decades have put some of them in a more fragile position than others. Through our Eco Tours, Surtrek responsibly endeavors to preserve the lush Ecuadorian Amazon, traveling with our guests in the most conservational manner possible and with native indigenous guides. As enticing as this wonderful yet surreal realm is, it is the task of anyone who visits to make an effort of maintaining its natural and untouched beauty.

Culturally diverse, Ecuador's indigenous variety consists of many different independent tribes who sustain their own languages, religion and traditions. Two examples of these are the Quechua and Shuar tribes with whom we work closely in the jungle. Our mission is to facilitate improvement in the lives of indigenous by helping them to help themselves without leaving our traces.

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SURTREK Tour Operator offers you the unique combination between the natural and ethnical diversity of the Amazon jungle and would like to share our enthusiasm with you on a breathtaking tour through this region.

The Amazon jungle is a facsinating place for an incentives group, like a great lush playground, there are many enticing vines to swing from and rivers to raft.

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