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Andean Highlands Ecuador

The highlands of the Ecuadorian Andes are indicated as Sierra. The Andes stretch for about 8000 km through the whole of the South American continent. In Ecuador the Andes cross the country from north to south and take up about ¼ of the surface of the country. They are divided in two parallel main chains, the west and east Cordilleras. These are broken up by some horizontally striped valleys the so-called "nudos" (Span: knots). The main cities are situated at an altitude between 2200 and 2900 m, like Quito (2850 m), Ambato (2608 m), Cuenca (2595 m), Loja (2225 m) and Ibarra (2210 m).

Ecuador and Galapagos-Paramo, Ecuador Ecuador and Galapagos-Cuicocha, Ecuador Ecuador and Galapagos Incentives-landscape, Ecuador Ecuador and Galapagos Incentives-landscape, Ecuador
The Andes are an ideal playground for an assortment of adventure, culture and striking landscapes; they are suited perfectly for trekking, mountain climbing and biking expeditions, horseback riding, bird watching, rafting and kayaking; all of our specialties. Surtrek will take you on an unforgettable trip through rolling hills to mountaintops, by private transport, Andean train and foot. Visiting quaint towns of pure ancestral tradition you will see different aspects of Andean culture throughout your tour with us.

FACT: Quichua Indians, formerly the dominant people of the Empire of Peru, and still the largest homogeneous body of Indians in existence, constitute the bulk of the rural population of Peru and Ecuador.

Throughout the Andean Highlands there are many colonial haciendas wrapped up in history as well as spa´s readily equipped for incentives groups and in some case meetings.

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