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Pacific Coast Ecuador

The coast is the part of Ecuador, which reaches from the western Andean slopes to the Pacific Ocean. This area varies in breadth between 20 km in the south and 200 km in the north. The coastal length is approximately 650 km from top to bottom. One of the most famous things about this costal line is the wonderful beaches that make up its length. Some people even say that this part of Ecuador offers the most beautiful beaches along the South American Pacific Coast. These 650 kilometres of beach invite you to swim in an average water temperature of 22 degrees Celsius in a tropical climate. But more than just sand and ocean, the Ecuadorian coast is a sundry experience of whale-watching tours, diving opportunities, mangroves, endemic species, Afro-Ecuadorian culture and festivities.

Ecuador and Galapagos Incentives-whale watching Pacific Coast, Ecuador Ecuador and Galapagos-Salinas, Ecuador Ecuador and Galapagos- Ayampe, Ecuador Ecuador and Galapagos- Ayampe, Ecuador
Divided in two areas by three big rivers, the Esmeraldas, the Santiago and the Guayas, each area is a new experience and in which ever part you decide to visit you can be sure to find warm ocean, beachfront restaurants and delicious costal cuisine; here there is something to please everybody.

The Pacific coast of Ecuador is a wonderful, relaxing and fun option for incentives with many hotels equipped for big groups and meetings.

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