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Annual festival guide for Ecuador


Annual festival guide for Ecuador

01 - New Year’s festivity-Costume parties, dances, masquerades.

06 - AMBATO, CUENCA, MONTECRISTI, PUJILÍ- Epiphany-The “Niño” mass (baby Jesus), Christmas carols, processions, bands, dancing, masquerades (each town has different customs).

First week of the month-SANTO DOMINGO DE OZOLES-Juego de Reyes-The women traverse the town dressed in costumes while dancing to the rhythm of "chigualos" and "arrullos" and handing out shots of aguardiente. The men who do not follow the rules and drink the shot are taken into slavery and must buy their way out. The Money collected goes towards financing the festival.

Throughout the month-Carnaval-waterfights, flour throwing, parades, music.

A quiet month

Dates fall at the beginning of Easter Week-Semana Santa-parades for the crucifiction of Christ. National holiday.

24-Battle of Pichincha-QUITO-National Holiday (everyone travels)

Second week of the month-SALASACA-Corpus Cristi-The Corpus Christi festivity is also tied to the Inti Raimi celebration, except that it is celebrated before harvest-time, with the Summer Solstice. The most representative expression of this celebration are the “Danzantes del Sol” (sun dancers), expressed by the symbolism, clothes, music and choreographic composition, all showing their gratefulness to the Sun, the Moon, and Nature for their lives and harvest, but thatrepresents a sense of their God, love, life, death and rejection with a symbolic social-historic sense.

21 - Inti Raymi (Harvest festivals) - Costumes, dancing, music, and parades throughout the country start to celebrate summer solstice and the harvets.

Throughout the month-San Pedro/San Pablo-harvest festivals in various communities around Ecuador-music, dance, costumes, parades.

03-29-Township anniversary-SANTO DOMINGO DE LOS COLORADOS-parades, dances, agricultural and poultry expositions.

23-Chagra Feast-MACHACHI-Horse paredes, popular bullfights, popular bands, cattle exposition, typical food, dances.

23-25-Foundationanniversary-GUAYAQUIL- Parades, dances, art expositions and several cultural events. International beauty contest “Perla del Pacífico”.

Festivals of San Pedro/San Pablo continue throughout Ecuador

05-Independence Day-ESMERALDAS-Agricultural, artisan and poultry fair, typical dances and music, parades.

10-National Holiday-Conmemoration of the first proclamation of Independence. Military parades, civic and artistic events.

15-20-El Cisne-LOJA-Festivity in honor of the Virgin of "El Cisne", Three-day .massive peregrination through 200 kilometers. Cultural events, fireworks .

02-15-Yamor-OTAVALO-Indigenous beauty contest, popular dances, typical foods and beverages offer. Folk music.

09-Independance Day-GUAYAQUIL-Concerts, sport events, parades, regattas, and many artistic shows.

02-Day of the Dead (Día de los Difuntos)-Great concurrency to cemeteries. People furnish the graveyards with flowers and cards. They stay all day near the graveyard and "share" the food with the dead. Typical food is the "Colada Morada" (Blackberry Porridge), beverage made of fruits and aromatic herbs, and the "Guaguas de Pan" (bread babies), which is bread in the form of a human body.

21-El Quinche Pilgrimage-EL QUINCHE PICHINCHA-Thousands of devoted people walk at night holding candles to the church in Quinche praying for miracles and favors from the image of the Virgin.Commercial fair.

23-24-Mama Negra-LATACUNGA-Masquerades, typical bands, fireworks, Midnight Mass. The "Mama Negra"(Black Mother) parade. Characters of the festivity: the captain, clowns, sheperds, musicians, military, typical songs, praises, typical food.

1-6-Quito Fesitvals-QUITO-Quito's spanish foundation anniversary. Parties throughout the city. Bullfights, parades, sports events, wooden car races, tournaments. Beauty contest, dances and celebrations in the streets and parks. The 6th is the big night.

24-Christmas Eve-Christmas. Representation of the Holy Family, Christmas carols, midnight mass. Religious festivity. "Pase del Niño" (Baby Jesus parade) in every city.

31-New Years Eve-Burning of the "Año Viejo", (Old Year), a paper machée doll symbolizes this date and is burned at midnight. Dances, men are dressed up as "widows".

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