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Of all the places why Ecuador?

..you don´t have to be a climber to visit the world's highest snow capped volcano - Cotopaxi (5987 m)
... it is the most diverse country on the planet in proportion to the size of its territory.
..it has the largest amount of flora and fauna per square kilometre in the world.
..it is home to 35% of all the hummingbird species on earth.
..3 National Parks have been declared Biosphere Reserves by UNESCO.
..it is home to 10% of all the worlds' plant species.

..it is made up of 4 very diverse regions:

. Galapagos Islands - "nature at its purest"
. Pacific Coast - "where the green beaches meet the sea"
. Andean Highlands - "the avenue of the volcanoes"
. Amazon Jungle - "from Andean peaks to Amazon rainforest"

..2 UNESCO World Heritage Cities to visit, Quito and Cuenca.

Quito, the capital city of Ecuador, is quaintly positioned in the rolling lush landscapes of the Andes. Surrounded by mountains and built in a colonial style, this city offers all the comforts, excitement, transport, culture, music, accommodations, and facilities of a modern urbanization for individual travellers and large groups alike.

Cuenca, the second capital of the Inca Empire, located in the south of the Ecuadorian Andean mountains is a charming world heritage city that is home to some very unique colonial and republican treasures. Reception rooms in five star hotels, as well as conference and meeting rooms, are the ideal locations for your event or business meeting.

Ecuador and Galapagos-Panama Hat Maker Cuenca, Ecuador Ecuador and Galapagos Incentives-Fiestas de San Pedro Tabacundo, Ecuador Ecuador and Galapagos Incentives-Indigenous woman and Llama, Ecuador Ecuador and Galapagos Incentives-Indigenous woman and Llama, Ecuador
..it is a major multicultural country

13 different groups make up Ecuador's indigenous populations which have preserved many of their ancient customs including language, myths, legends, rituals, celebrations, dress and music much of which is apparent after only a few days in the country.

...for its boundless hospitality.

Ecuador is a country of warm hearted, welcoming people. A service oriented nation they are quick to smile and immediately make you feel at home. They are proud of their heritage and always more than happy to share it with visitors; here you will be taken care of as a guest rather than a tourist.

..for its fascinating location.

Located at 0 degrees latitude, Ecuador, around the equator, enjoys a spring like climate year round making it an ideal environment for the flourishing flora and fauna throughout this bio diverse country.

...for the proximity of everything.

Due to its small size, visitors can easily travel to each of Ecuador's four worlds. Only in Ecuador can a traveller climb the tallest active volcano in the world, kayak the rapids of the Amazon rainforest, crisscross the Equatorial line on horseback, surf tropical Pacific swells along a pre-Incan archaeological site plus swim with penguins, marine iguanas, sea lions and harmless whale sharks all in one trip!

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