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Galapagos Islands Ecuador

The volcanic archipelago of the Galapagos Islands is recognized as a paradise on earth, a phrase best understood after a visit. A phenomenal multiplicity of varying vegetation, volcanic landscapes and the most amicable endemic species you can approach on earth, these islands are the treasure of Ecuador's distant National Park.

Untouched and unknown to humans for centuries, the islands were accidentally discovered and first made record of by a Panamanian bishop in 1535 who is also credited with naming the islands The Enchanted. However the first settler did not arrive until 1807, landing with the whaling fleets. The islands were there after pillaged and named by British buccaneers, until 1832 when Ecuador claimed sovereignty of the islands and renamed them for what the majority are known by today. In the 1850´s permanent colonization began.

The archipelago is located approximately 1000 km from the west coast of South America directly on the equator and includes 13 main islands which are bigger than 5 square km, 6 smaller islands (1-5 sq km) as well as more than 40 islets.

Ecuador and Galapagos Incentives-giant tortoise Galaagos Islands, Ecuador Ecuador and Galapagos Incentives-sea turtle, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador Ecuador and Galapagos Incentives-flamingo Galapagos Islands, Ecuador Ecuador and Galapagos Incentives-marine iguana Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Oceanic archipelagos of volcanic origin, the two youngest of the Galapagos Islands, which are home to the most active volcanoes are, Fernandina and Isabela.
To the southwest, the oldest minerals are to be found on Espanola. The islands are over 3,3 million years old.

Two seasons exist on the Galapagos Islands both of which differ from the hot-dry and humid-cold mountainous regions. From January to June, in which short heavy rain showers can occur, hot air temperatures preside rising to around 30°C. In the dry season from July to December the temperatures are a bit lower. The water temperatures are generally between 18°C at the western shores and 26°C.around the eastern Islands.

A day on any one of the islands promises many remarkable memories and up close photographs. As the abundant sea lions languorously lay about their habitats, they pose less of a threat than a host to the thousands of visitors that pass each year inviting a myriad of personal moments around them. Equally the famous blue-footed booby will put on an amazing mating display worthy of a standing ovation without any apprehension. Plentiful in numbers land and marine iguanas laze around happily under the heat of a powerful equatorial sun, just watch your step they are everywhere! Below the surface of the crystalline ocean, snorkellers can silently maneuver the waters in the presence of white tipped reef sharks, penguins, and sea turtles while in some cases the sea lions jovially nip at your fins.
In an environment so magnificently varied, every second is a new experience.

SURTREK offer many types of Galapagos tours. We can arrange your tour on a motor sail yacht, motor yacht, eco catamaran or cruise ship, from economy class to luxury class. Also available are diving tours, land trekking tours, island hopping tours or anything you would like to make your Galapagos experience even more memorable.

The Cruise Ships that do 3 - 8 day tours on the Galapagos are a great option for incentives. They accommodate from 40 - 100 people and in some cases are equipped for meetings.

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